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Student teaching

In our laboratory the research scientific work

of students is carried out.

The pattern of crossed dispersion is graphic and vivid. The experiment is being carried out with grating diffraction and 60o prism. The grating diffraction is turning the light vertically and the glass prism horizontally. Since the dispersion of the grating is practically linear and non-linear in a glass prism, the spectrum is plotting down the dependence of the refractive index of the wavelength for the glass in the form of a curve on the display.



Teaching method of lecturing experiment course

Tuning fork beats Electrostatics Experiments

The demonstration of anisotropy of wood permittivity

The wooden ball is hung between the flat capacitor plates. If voltage is applied across the capacitor plates, the ball will be turning round until the layers have been fixed parallel to electric field strength. The wood as an anisotropic material is the analog of a positive optical crystal.

dielectric wood ball

It is obvious that the early studying the theme 'Composition of perpendicular oscillations' is to be conducted with easier demonstrations. In this way the curve has been plotted down with the Lissajous compound pendulum.

A demonstration example of transformation

of luminous energy to electric energy

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